Daniel Wilson

Principal Lawyer

It is with pleasure and confidence we introduce Daniel Edward Wilson LLB, GDLP Principal, and Senior Criminal Defence Lawyer at Rep-Revive Lawyers®.

Since leaving school in 1997 Daniel has been employed within the provision of legal services (first as a paralegal and later as a solicitor). Daniel is the Principal Lawyer at Rep-Revive Lawyers® and has considerable experience in Law having worked in specialized offices in Sydney, London, and New Zealand. If you ask Daniel, why he is a lawyer he will answer its simple. “I am a Human Rights Defender and I’ve spent my whole adult life representing persons who need to have their repute or property protected”.

Daniel in addition to the usual requirements understands the justice system and the various institutions at law AND that oftentimes the first casualty of dispute is damage to your reputation or rights. Daniel always seeks for that damage to be restored, protected against, and revived.

In his pursuit of excellence Daniel always endeavours to research and ascertain the truth about an allegation or situation. Clients oftentimes have praised Daniel for being the only lawyer they have ever seen who can establish such things as to if there is a background of a toxic relationship, a history of provocation or mistakes (honest or intentional). Otherwise, Daniel is diligent in resolving any dispute and protecting your position/rights. Using this information Daniel is able to best tailor the proper legal package specifically required to represent his client’s needs. Daniel is very much cherished by his clients because he is not afraid to put their case forward and to ensure their voice is heard.

Since starting the firm, Daniel has had a remarkable run of results in the various Jurisdictions and Courts. He is someone who because of his understanding of people, community and the law always gets the best outcomes. Daniel has also developed a reputation not only as an astute legal mind but also as a passionate lawyer for his clients.

In university, Daniel was a Middle Weight Division Boxing Title holder at Sydney University Boxing Championships in 2005. Daniel also won a Silver Medal Winner in the 2005 Eastern University Games (for rugby league) and has played Cricket for St Marys RSL and Blacktown Representatives, Rugby for Blacktown Warriors Rugby Union Club and Sydney University Rugby Union club. Daniel has also done voluntary work in a community law centre and contributed to the community by mentoring underprivileged teenagers.

Daniel was admitted as a solicitor in 2008 graduating from the University of Technology obtaining a Bachelor of Law and a High Distinction for Sports Law. Since that time Daniel has worked as a solicitor for the Aboriginal Legal Service (ALS), Legal Aid NSW and several other private Law firms as well as in private practice. Daniel has further sat on the Board at Prince of Wales Hospital to improve conditions of those detained under Mental Health Legislation. Daniel is an expert in what Rep-Revive Lawyers® market as their “choices available at Law”. Daniel knows and believes that not one size fits all. In this regard Daniel is a colourful and astute defender of your rights not only in criminal matters but also in employment/entertainment law.

For all the above reasons Daniel is a formidable opponent and protector of rights. If you are one of Daniel’s clients, then he is “always in your corner”. 

To have Daniel working on your Criminal or Employment or Entertainment Law matter contact Rep Revive Lawyers® today on 0419 998 398.

Vanessa Harley

Employed Lawyer

Vanessa Harely Solicitor commenced as a lawyer at Rep-Revive Lawyers® on 12th February 2024. She is one of the newest members of the firm’s legally qualified team.


Vanessa is criminal defence and employment lawyer who has been regularly appearing in courts for a number of years. Vanessa graduated from the University of Wollongong where she studied a Bachelor of Laws, combined with one outlier subject: “Happiness - Investigating its Causes and Conditions.“ She then undertook her Practical Legal Training at the College of Law, Sydney.


Vanessa first ventured her hand into the fast-paced area of law by way of jumping into the deep end of a now established courtroom career whilst still a student at the College of Law. Here Magistrates granted her legal permission (“leave“) to lawfully represent clients in the courtroom prior to her formal admission, an honour she humbly appreciates. What is more, her first court appearances were in Hearings (Examination Hearings, under Civil Law). Since then, she has continued to regularly appear in court throughout her legal career.

Legal experience

Prior to joining Rep-Revive Lawyers® Vanessa worked as a solicitor in several areas of law, which has enabled her to build a broad understanding of legal topics and advocacy skills. She enjoys taking on challenges and can think on her feet in the courtroom when responding to arguments from prosecutors, Magistrates and Judges alike.

Vanessa has also demonstrated;
1.  A sound knowledge of all government instrumentalities, the Courts, Tribunals of Jurisdiction, and the law;
2.  The ability to undertake the carriage of a case from inception through to completion;

Nowadays Vanessa often appears as an advocate in the various courts and has amassed considerable experience liaising with and on behalf of clients, legal practitioners, and other members of the legal profession (over the telephone, in writing, via Audio Visual Link, and in person).


Vanessa also is a blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do and recently completed one year of Muay Thai.
She is also a keen beekeeper and familiar with beekeeping rules and regulations, and assists novice beekeepers in setting up and managing their hives. In university, she received the Dean’s Award for a High Distinction and first place in the subject ‘Comparative Law‘ for her project on the comparisons of the United States and New South Wales beekeeping laws.
Vanessa has a passion for criminal justice. She believes in fighting for those who are unable to fight for themselves. She strongly supports the notion that each person has an individual story to tell and deserves to be heard. She also thrives on challenges and will gladly work with any client and on any case. Vanessa always goes the extra mile to ensure the best possible outcome for her clients and she ensures every possible avenue is explored in your case.
To have Vanessa working on your legal problem contact Rep Revive Lawyers® today for your first consultation.

Malcolm Joseph Wilson

Senior Associate Employment Law

Malcolm (Mal) holds the position of Senior Associate, Employment Law at Rep-Revive Lawyers®.

Mal commenced his association with Rep-Revive Lawyers® in 2019 when he retired from the workforce following a 50-year career in the field of Human Resources Management with his specialist expertise mainly being in the area of industrial/employment relations and law. Specifically, over the last 30 years Mal has held positions at very high senior management levels (of human resources directorship) in the Australian Higher Education University sector.

Mal’s skills and experience includes (but is not limited to) the following:

•  Providing industrial advocacy and representing both employers and employees in cases before the Fair Work Commission, including individual disputes relating to unfair dismissal or adverse action, and collective disputes involving the whole workplace or various sections. Mal has also made representations at various Equal Opportunity Tribunals, the Human Rights Commission, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, the Independent Commission Against Corruption, and the NSW Ombudsman’s Office.

Mal also has:

•  A wealth of experience working in HR/IR, particularly in the high stakes atmosphere of being a human resources/relations director of several large Australian Universities (including managing several higher HR education sector portfolios).
•  High level communication, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills.
•  Extensive experience in implementing workplace change (both structural and cultural).
•  Extensive experience in policy development, implementation, and monitoring.
•  Ability to undertake strategic, innovative, and pro-active planning.
•  Resolving industrial disputes and inter-personal conflicts.
•  Ability to analyse, interpret and apply complex legislation and industrial awards/enterprise agreements.
•  Working knowledge of the Work, Health, and Safety (WHS) portfolio.
•  Working knowledge of the Equity and Diversity portfolio.
•  Establishing a prominent Australian University as an employer in Canada (international HR/IR experience).
•  Being an expert witness in a major Award restructuring case before the Full Bench of the FWC.
•  Ability to lead and manage complex projects.
•  Highly developed political acumen.

Mal also provided leadership in an Award Restructuring process for staff as part of the introduction of enterprise bargaining in the early 1990’s. This was a major restructuring and simplification of relevant awards and salary scales, involving the deletion of 80 classifications of staff covered by a variety of Awards in favour of a single Enterprise Agreement with a ten-level classification structure and a 37-point salary scale that progressed up the ten classifications.

Mal also has advanced training in Job Evaluation and was also able to determine the work value of each position and slot it into the appropriate classification level in the new Enterprise Agreement.

Thereafter, Mal progressed to be the lead negotiator in finalising and certifying over 20 enterprise agreements over the following three decades, clearly demonstrating his skills in negotiation and persuasion.

Since Mal joined Rep-Revive Lawyers® in 2019 Mal has undertaken several complex cases and acted as a valuable associate and consult. In carrying out these tasks Mal has proven his reputation for always fighting hard for and on behalf of our employment law clients. Given Mals extensive experience and know how it has become clear that Mal is a dedicated and insightful individual who is an absolute asset to the employment law division of the Rep-Revive® firm. As Mals history does attest Mal is a natural born and gifted leader.

When Mal is in your corner you can rest assured, you will get a brave, disciplined and experienced senior consultant/associate who in turn will help you or your organisation obtain the very best results in the many facets of the employment law arena.