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Rep-Revive® has three main areas of practice.

(1) Rep-Revive Criminal Lawyers® For our criminal law clients Rep-Revive® endeavours to bring the fight for justice, truth, and fairness through legal representation to those charged with criminal or traffic offences.

(2) Rep-Revive Employment Lawyers® For our employment law clients Rep-Revive® are experts in seeking rightful remedies and results to those unfairly dismissed or adversely affected by either their Employers, Employees, or Independent Contractors. Moreover, we are particularly proficient in the negotiation of separation from one’s employer. From an employer’s point of view we are astute in informing and protecting employer rights

(3) Rep-Revive Entertainment Lawyers® Rep-Revive® provides full representation and protection to our clients in the music, arts, tv, film, events, and culture industries as well as to the sports fraternity. We do this by ensuring certainty to our client’s contracts, their profession, their intellectual property, and their repute. We are also astute in court/tribunal representation specifically during any defamation or contract proceedings and/or in the various sport related tribunals/bodies wherein our services are required. We promptly achieve desired outcomes with turnaround times being expedient.

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