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At Rep-Revive Entertainment Lawyers® we understand that at times grievances, personal, property and other disputes require resolution oftentimes quite urgently. This may mean conciliation, mediation, arbitration and/or even litigation as a last resort.

Rep-Revive Entertainment Lawyers® operates in all jurisdictions in Australia and we provide strategic, pragmatic and commercially sensible advice and assistance in resolving legal disputes. We are experts on many entertainment law matters including but not limited to intellectual property, defamation, sports & other tribunal/commission works, alternative dispute resolution, class actions and both single and multi-party litigation.

From inception/receipt of your instructions we will work hard to identify your needs and ultimately deliver tactical objectives to accomplishing them. Our skills in the field place us in the best position to advise you on the most effective approach you should take towards resolution (if not restitution to your problem). With legal experience, our team is particularly astute in protecting, enforcing and defending your rights. In this sense no matter how big or small your matter is we are always in your corner.

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